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Approximately 35,000 years ago there was a wave of migration when some modern humans left Africa. They entered through the land bridge from Africa to what is now Sicily and on to Italy. Keep in mind the ocean level was 450 feet lower then it is today. They also entered across the straights of Gibraltar and around the Eastern side of the Mediterranean and into the Asian continent.

These were our ancestors and they first encountered and occasionally interbred with Neanderthals - leaving traces of Neanderthal DNA in the genetic code of all non-Africans alive today.

Mara and I walked for what seemed like many months but the moon had only turned a full cycle and half of another. Mara had collected Herbs and medicinal plants that she found along the way and gathered roots for food. I had a lucky hunt and had just bagged a boar.

We came upon a huge out cropping of rock. This was a place where the land had thrust up long ago most likely in an earthquake. We both knew about earthquakes, when the Earth Mother was upset and shook to let the people know she was angry with them. Iím sure man knew about earthquakes, but the people came from the earth. No one knows where man came from and I wonder if man knows.

Mara and I walked down the steep slope along the rock face as we got lower and the rock face loomed larger. The walk descending to the bottom was difficult and treacherous. It was many feet to the bottom and it took time to get to the bottom safely. At the bottom was a tall crack in the earth, big enough to stand inside, and it even had a trickle of water coming out of the rocks at the back of the cave. This shelter was formed by the rock overhang slowly sloping back to meet the ground. It measured 8-9 feet tall at the entrance and a hundred feet deep in the middle. The cave got smaller the further back into the cave until it met the ground.

At the end, where we had entered from, there was a shear rock wall. The small trickle ran down almost the middle of the cave and flowed out into a meadow full of grain grass to a pond that formed in the middle at the low spot in the meadow. Mara looked in the cave and I dropped my backpack and then followed the trickle of a stream to the pond. The pond was shallow and only six or seven feet wide. The trickle continued on the other side, so I walked around the pond to see where the trickle started again. I walked along the stream, only a hands width wide and finger deep, for many steps into the shrubs and then a stand of small trees. Working my way through the trees I found a slow moving river where the tiny stream emptied. The river was about as wide as my height twice over. Along the shore grew soap reeds for a long distance and other water plants that Mara would enjoy collecting for dinner.

I see a rabbit feeding on the grain grass. I had dinner! With a quick flick of my wrist my special blunt spear found its mark. I pulled my flint knife out and removed the entrails keeping the good parts, then started back to Mara with my prize.

She was glowing and I could hardly understand her when she started talking to me with her hands in the language of the clan. She was so excited so all I got was ďthis is the place.Ē

She grabbed my neck and wiggled with joy at the thought that we were not going to be wandering anymore. She found her place and then realized I hadnít told her it was ok to stay. She soon found out as I smiled, kissed her and handed her the rabbit.

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Vindicator - PREVIEW

I suppose I should introduce myself first, not that it matters much. My name is Dr. Nathan Delves. I discovered a gravity drive that worked and built a spaceship incorporating that drive. I escaped earth before the rapture, along with my wife and crew. The so called rapture removed half the human population from the planet over several hours, over four billion people. According to scripture in several religions, the rapture would only take the most religious and pious people to ascend to heaven and live with god.

One of my crew was just such a man. He lived by the bible, as did his wife. My point is neither one of those people were taken, as I said, we were not on earth at the time.

But I digress and Iím telling things out of order. I should tell you about the Vindicator. She was a magnificent ship and a marvel of modern technology. The year is 2265 and I am a very wealthy man. Iím a doctor of physics and mathematics. I discovered a way to make a cold fusion reactor functional. I am also the worldís first multi trillionaire.

Charles Granger actually discovered how cold fusion works but I made it work on a scale that is useable. His specifications required a building 1500 feet long, or about the size of the empire state building laid on its side. It needed enough land around it for safety. His specification was to have a mile safety zone in case of an explosion. In the year 2245 that kind of land just doesnít exist except under the sea.

My design is smaller and produced more power than his did, and since the world was still run on electricity, I used that power to run an electric generator. These units produced 40 gigawatts and operate from under the sea, a huge source of hydrogen. As a by-product my plants produce oxygen and I bottle that and sell it. The other great part of my design is specially designed robots that do most of the maintenance. The operators can run four of these power stations from a central location. Each plant is controlled by 2 people.

My companies built hundreds of these all along the sea coasts. I also built Solar arrays in the desserts. The Sahara and Mohave run huge Arrays. The solar arrays in the deserts along with my reactors produce over 90% of the power needed by the worlds and the nine and a half billion people who inhabit it. The Sahara desert alone produces most of the power for the North African continent.

I was wealthy. I had made it but I still had a tickle in the back of my brain. I had more in me. Something inside me continued to drive me on. After several months, I found a way to build a plasma engine. It wasnít practical on earth, but in space it could drive a ship to speeds faster than the chemical engines in use to this day.

Then I used research from a century ago to make an antigravity generator and spent a year making it practical and functional. I had a great deal of help so I donít claim that I did all of it myself.


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Tikki the Brave - PREVIEW

On a foreign world humans land. They need living space on habitable worlds. Tikki Is a gifted humanoid. His people live a long life and acquire skills with each passing year. Tikki is a youngster at 150 years old with a talent for 'Growing homes.

Read what happens when humans from a technological society land on Tikki's world and begin efforts to colonize the planet. A planet inhabited by beings that live 1000 years or more and grow in ability and the knowledge to use thier abilities the longer they live. These beings use their ability to keep hidden and to keep their presents unknown to the humans.